Marketing Campaign Planning in 3-Steps

Plan your NEXT Marketing Campaign in 3-STEPS using the fundamental marketing principles every successful business uses. 

Imagine…an EASY to follow step-by-step Marketing Campaign Planning system … a model for you and your team to increase quality leads and sales conversions.

It’s becoming more and more difficult for marketers to thrive. As we are bombarded with new tactics, techniques and devices, we’re being taken off course. Well, it’s not about the new tactic or the latest guru’s magic bullet. It’s about getting back to basics, using the primary marketing principles that are so often pushed aside as we try to keep up with the latest technology and tactics that are pulling marketers (and businesses) in so many directions.

“Never in the history of our planet have marketers had so many choices to get their message to market, and yet, been so confused.”  —Charlene Brisson, MAPC

Are you looking to generate …

If you said YES to any of the above – THE BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3-Steps marketing system will help you and your team.

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I get it. I really do. It feels like the marketing space is changing by the minute. Is it possible that every day presents new tactics, new technology, new devices and new gurus spouting new strategies? It sure seems like it as we try to keep up. Even if it’s not difficult for you, dragging your team members or even your boss along can be exhausting.

As a marketer, the fact is, you believe you MUST keep up, the company depends on it. After all, everyone in the organization is looking to you to deliver the quality leads and convert them into sales. WOW! That’s a lot of pressure. Particularly when you have a boss or client hanging over, pushing you in three different directions.

Great news – you DON’T have to know it all.

Today, marketing can seem incredibly complicated. It’s so easy to get off track. With social media exploding and constantly changing, not to mention all the new mobile technology — who has the time to learn it all and know what to incorporate into your marketing campaign plan? 

Well, now you can forget learning every new “must-have” strategy or technology that comes down the pike. Because it’s not about what most marketers think it is.

A systematic approach to getting back to the basics that deliver results. 

You can stop sifting through expensive offers from the internet marketing “gurus” (what genius decided that every new product launch by an internet marketer was worth $1997?) yet only works for certain businesses and promises outlandish results that most SME* marketers will never duplicate. (*Small and Medium Sized Business)

And you can stop worrying about what everyone else out there is doing in their marketing, especially the BIG guys with 7-figure annual budgets bombarding the airwaves and internet. It’s mostly image advertising anyway – and you need results! 

— a straight-forward, easy-to-follow, repeatable campaign template  —

Because now you have access to the marketing model that will take you step-by-step to build a solid customized campaign plan that puts you on the path to generating quality leads and increasing sales. And it’s repeatable. Use it again and again.  

THE BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3-Steps system can be used to

      • create a brand new marketing campaign;
      • tweak an existing campaign that’s not delivering results, or to
      • fine-tune or develop your overall marketing strategy.

When the 3-Step Marketing Model™ is applied, quality leads, conversions and sales will all improve.

 — the marketing campaign planning system, unlike any other 


BASICS-Campaign Planning in 3 Steps

For only $147

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— 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee —guarantee_ribbon2

The goal of this 3-Step Campaign Planning program is to help you succeed in marketing your product or service. Working the system will lead you to generating quality leads and increasing your sales conversions. So, if after completing the three video webinars and applying the teachings within the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, 100% of your money will be happily returned. 

—  5 years in the making from 25 years of hands-on marketing experience across 6 countries 

It’s not a gimmick OR a magic bullet, but you will see amazing results. I’ve been where you are and know first hand, the challenges you face. So I’ve cut through all the clutter and hype for you…and crafted a campaign planning program to market your product or service using “THE BASICS” … the foundations of marketing that every successful business uses.

Although these steps are called THE BASICS, even the most seasoned (and aggressive) marketers benefit from their implementation. The steps deliver RESULTS by providing a structure, a roadmap to follow over 3 x 90 minute sessions of sound, tried-and-true strategies that have been proven to work across the years.

“I can guarantee that if you’re struggling with getting quality leads and sales conversions, the solution can be found in one or all of the 3-Steps.” — Charlene Brisson, MAPC

I’ve used this same simple marketing system for myself and my clients worldwide, over and over again. It’s now available for you to access on demand. So you and your team can learn and implement at your own pace. It will work for you too. And it will keep on working, no matter what happens in the marketplace.

Because this system is based on foundational marketing principles that NEVER CHANGE. (And never get obsolete, like the latest “hot” social media platform. Remember MySpace?) 

 — a crash course in marketing for the whole team that delivers results —  

After working these 3 simple steps, you and your team will understand more about marketing than most people who have been practicing the craft for years. You’ll know which of the new bells and whistles to use, and which you can leave alone.

Team members will love the structure and focus that using the plan will bring. And you’ll love the renewed energy and productivity. Plus, there’s no better crash-course in marketing for junior team members.  

You’ll see amazing results, faster than you ever thought possible!

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You already know that it’s not some kind of new techie trick, magic bullet, or sneaky tactic that will grow your brand. It’s the proven practices that set your product or service apart from the competition, that build a strong memorable brand and ongoing relationships with your IDEAL BUYING Customers that really make a difference in your marketing.

Build your custom strategic marketing campaign plan in only 3 x 90 minute online learning sessions.

THE BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3-Steps does just that and is created by a seasoned online and offline marketing professional (that’s me) for marketers just like you, so that you and your team can simplify and succeed.

So don’t waste one more minute, get started on your 2-Page Quick Plan so you (and your team) can all get on the same page, and get rockin’ your results immediately. Ready to get started on your Campaign Planning in 3-Steps program? Click here to ORDER NOW 

— so just what ARE these three steps in the marketing model —

Marketing Training - Step 1STEP 1
Identify your IDEAL BUYING Customer

It’s amazing how many marketers miss or gloss over this step, and then wonder why their marketing isn’t working. It stands to reason: if you don’t know exactly who you’re talking to, you won’t know what to say to make them buy, where to find them, or what vehicles to use to reach them.

Step 1 shows you how to:

      • Evaluate the customers you already have to determine who in the marketplace is your IDEAL BUYING Customer (you know, the ones with the right DNA … they Desire, Need AND can Afford your product or service). 
      • Identify and clarify the geographics, demographics, online and offline psychographics of your IDEAL BUYING Customer, so you can focus like a laser on them (and stop being all things to all people and spinning your marketing wheels)
      • Create a visual “story” of your IDEAL BUYING Customer to have in front of you and everyone on your team, to ALL be on the same page and keep your marketing efforts on track
      • Identify the very BEST social media platforms (and many other tactics) to be on to reach your IDEAL BUYING Customer (no, you do NOT need all of them!)

The clarity you will get from Step 1 alone will make your marketing INFINITELY more powerful and effective!

Step 2 - Craft the right Marketing MessageSTEP 2
. Craft a message that speaks to your IDEAL BUYING Customer.

Now that you know who you’re talking to, you need a message that both speaks their language and stands out in a crowded marketplace.

In Step 2 you will:

      • Clearly identify what sets your product or service apart from your competition, to answer the question “Why Should I Buy from Your Company?” That’s your USP (Unique Selling Position).
      • Learn the difference between features and benefits, and identify which will trigger your customers’ to buy.
      • Create key messaging to include in ALL of your marketing copy – online and offline – so you can stop wasting time writing the same thing over and over again.
      • Identify your value proposition –to answer the second question every customer has … What’s in it for me?”
      • Create and/or fine-tune your business tag line to attract buyers and make them remember your company and the value you have to offer.


Puzzle Pieces-3-FramedSTEP 3. Plot a Strategic Plan using responsive tactics.

Most marketers and business owners misfire on their marketing because they START with this step. They jump onto the latest tools and tactics with little idea who they’re talking to, what they need to be saying to them, or whether the platform they’ve chosen is even one that their IDEAL BUYING Customer uses.

That won’t be you, because you and your team are now armed with your IDEAL BUYING Customer profile and your best marketing messaging…so these marketing tactics will actually work for you!

In step 3 you will:

      • Learn how to select the right tactics that will reach your IDEAL BUYING Customers – and ones they will respond to. 
      • Master how to explore, expand and extend tactics to bolster exposure to get more for your money and time.
      • Create a customized and actionable strategic campaign plan from A to Z that includes:
      • Coming up with the BIG IDEA.
      • Setting objectives and goal posts.
      • Incorporate a powerful Call-to-Action that drives to a quality lead capture component.
      • Select tactics that best resonate with your IDEAL BUYING Customers and that they will respond to.
      • Develop a follow-up funnel that builds relationships and converts into sales.
      • Identify your available budget and people resources.
      • And finally … track results.
      • BEST of all, you’ll whittle the plan down into a 2-page Quick Plan that ALL team members can easily follow “at-a-glance” and track progress.


— here’s what you get —


At the core of this package is my 3 x 90 minute Webinar sessions. Each webinar is based on a stand-alone workshop I conducted with a small group, and goes in-depth into one step of my 3-step process. Interactive and instructional, follow along at your own pace. 

When you order, you’ll get instant access to the on-demand version of the program so you can get started right away. Access anytime day or night for one entire year. 


—Follow-along plan sheets to take you through the thinking and plotting process. Each exercise is designed to extract information from you that can be used over and over again. These plan sheets will become valuable resources for you to refer back to and use for years to come.  



The 2-Page Quick Plan fill-in-the-blank at-a-glance” template to plot your campaign and use to implement, measure and track results. This easy-to-follow format provides an at-a-glance overview of your entire campaign to follow and share.     


AccessCP3S-4-Facebook to a Private “Members Only” Facebook Group to discuss issues, ideas and questions. Meet and interact with other marketers. Monitored by Charlene Brisson, never feel hung up or stuck. 


CP3S-5-148-WaysAlso receive a signed hard copy of my book, 148 Ways to Advertise & Promote Your Business. Don’t even try to find another book or website as comprehensive as this…it doesn’t exist! Inside you’ll find 385 pages of simple, effective tactics and easy-to-implement strategies you can start using right away to increase sales. Online, offline, mobile…it’s all here. Plus, it’s jam-packed with over 500 links to valuable resources, any one of which could mean a huge breakthrough in your business! It’s so complete (the most complete in the business) some of my clients call it their Marketing “Bible”. 148 Ways sells for $27.95, but its value to you could well, be priceless…and it’s yours as part of this package.

CP3S-6-16-Mistakes—Finally, I’m also adding my popular eBook 16 Major Mistakes Marketers Make … And How to Avoid Them. (You may see yourself in its pages but don’t despair! Knowing how to stop doing the wrong things in your marketing can be as valuable as doing the right things. This ebook will let you benefit from my 25 years of seeing other marketers, and sometimes myself, learn the hard way.)


Start implementing this proven system after the first session – it’s that quick and effective.

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— There are plenty of marketing gurus out there 

Why use my system?

Charlene Brisson, MAPC 3-Step MarketingI’m a real marketer. I’ve been where you’ve been. I’ve been working hands-on in the marketing trenches for more than 25 years developing, planning, doing myself and leading teams, executing, coaching and training, which has given me the opportunity to create and manage thousands of integrated online, offline and mobile media marketing campaigns.

I’ve been behind the sales of millions of dollars in products and services from telecommunications, newspapers and magazine subscriptions, online loans, event attendance (bums in seats) and self-development programs, courses, webinars and teleseminars. I’ve sold many hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships myself and raised millions of dollars in funds for not-for-profits.

As Director of Sales & Marketing for Harv Eker’s hugely successful Peak Potentials Training Programs & Events I achieved goals ranging from doubling the show-up attendance during the most difficult time in North America’s economy (and launched their first 6–figure webinar). 

In this program, I’ve taken the best of all my experience, learning and best practices and distilled them into the 3-Step Campaign Planning Model I’m offering you today. It’s not every day you can get 25 years’ worth of marketing strategies that work for every business in just a few hours! And I’ve helped hundreds of small and medium size businesses like yours skyrocket their sales using these same three steps.

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Let’s recap what you get:

      • Immediate access to my 3-part Campaign Planning Webinar Series. 
      • Follow-along worksheets for each step.
      • 2-Page Quick Plan “at-a-glance” template.
      • Invite to a private 3-Step Facebook Group.
      • 148 Ways to Advertise & Promote Your Business (Print version book signed by Charlene Brisson).
      • 16 Major Mistakes Marketers Make … And How to Avoid Them (eBook).

All for only $147

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Surprised? Yes, I know…it’s a “no-brainer” price for a complete and proven marketing training system that will put an instant end to confusion and overwhelm, and put the entire team focused and achieving on the goal that you will go back to again and again for years to come! But I am determined to get it into as many hands as possible, so that you can concentrate on what you do best – delivering your unique product or service.


Sign up today and get these bonuses. For a limited time, when you sign up for THE BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3-Steps you’ll get



BONUS: Purchase today and I’m giving you full written transcripts of all three webinars, so you can follow along, read at your convenience or print out and make your own notes.



You are only 3 steps away from getting out of overwhelm and using the same principles that all successful businesses are using. 

Don’t delay! I’ve made the investment affordable, so that you will get into action – because the sooner you start planning your 3-Step Campaign, the sooner you’ll start seeing your best-ever results from your marketing. I guarantee you’ll see results after the first step. 

All the best to your marketing success, 

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P.S. People pay thousands of dollars to work with me personally. In this on-demand marketing course you’re getting the information at a fraction of the cost. You will easily recoup many times your investment as soon as you start using THE BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3-Steps  Order now!

Only $147

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100% Money Back Guarantee 

The goal of this program is to help you succeed in marketing your product or service. So, if after completing the three webinars and applying the teachings, you are not completely satisfied, 100% of your money will be happily returned.