Look up … waaaaaay up – it’s the Geico Skytypers.

There’s nothing more exciting for me than being witness to an effective marketing tactic that I have never seen before. Even if it was invented in 1915! That was the case on Labor Day as I was enjoying a concert on the green – golf green believe it or not. It was a […]

Pillows, Signage, Timing – Marketing on the Go Episode 6

I’m in Wilcox, Arizona, its HOT and a storm is brewing!  So I pulled over to catch some air and share a few marketing observations on the road.

What is it that your customers want, need and where are they in their decision making process? If you haven’t done the “customer roll play” lately, you could be […]

Buc-ees billboard campaign delivers best practices-Marketing on the Go Episode 7

I love long road trips on highways I’ve yet to travel. I get to see some terrific outdoor billboard campaigns that offer up great ideas and successful advertising best practices that can also be used to create solidly responsive campaigns using other advertising platforms. Nothing like reaching the ideal buying customer with a powerful […]

Outdoor signage-billboard advertising lessons from the road

Driving the highways of North America provides a remarkable education for marketers. In particular, mile-after-mile of outdoor signage (billboards ) show us how advertisers deliver their marketing messaging in both effective and ineffective ways. With the tremendous marketing training resources available online and offline, and often at very reasonable costs, marketers with a budget […]