Leverage Promotional Items or FLUSH YOUR MONEY! – Marketing on the Go-Episode 8

Unless you get your hands on an incredibly spectacular promo item, chances are the money you spend on that branded pen, flashlight, calculator, drink cosy, letter opener, water bottle or __________ (fill in the blank) will go right into the bottom of a drawer or file 13 with the rest of the promo items your prospect has received in the last year. WHAT A WASTE! And forget tracking ROI – impossible.

There is a way to make your branded swag (promotional items) investment dollars work for you. Leverage them to generate leads … which in turn will deliver measurable results (ROI) … AND prospects which you can then convert into customers. With the holy grail of successful marketing being a responsive qualified list, it’s critical to use every possible opportunity … and one such opportunity can come from your swag.

Watch my latest Marketing on the Go episode here to find out how you can generate ROI from your marketing dollars …

It’s my new rule … don’t proceed if you can’t get a lead. Make it yours and watch your list grow.

All the best to your marketing success. Now … go get at er!