Imagine a day in which there's virtually no chance anyone will see you get undressed. What kind of underwear do you put on?


You're in a room full of your IDEAL BUYING Customers and suddenly, someone hands you a microphone. What do you do?


Your CEO wants a lead-generation email to be sent to 5,000 cold, unqualified prospects by end of day. This is your big chance to impress! What do you do?


Flipping through a magazine, you see a full-page ad by a local firm you’d love to work for. The ad sucks. What do you do?


Your organization has hired a high-paid consultant. His Campaign Plan is missing the basics – no lead generator, no call-to-action, with poor use of tactics. What do you do?


You just discovered an extra $10,000 in your marketing budget. What will you do with it?


Everyone is RAVING about a new online marketing tool GUARANTEED to get MORE leads. Do you get on the bandwagon?