If you’re not using online tools to build relationship with your IDEAL BUYING Customers, then someone else is.

At Charlene Brisson Communications we can help you set up your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Sales Systems AND we manage it for you.

A marketer’s gold is all in the data. You may have heard the term Data is King. Imagine if you lost all your client data – would you have a business? Possibly, but you’d sure suffer financially if you had to rebuild it.

Imagine having all of your data in a system that allows you to set up and send out regular e-communications and last minute or adhoc notifications of sales and offers. Being able to segment your clients and prospects by purchases and/or to be able to send the right offer to the right person based on past sales or geographic location. WOW! Now, that’s marketing!
Now, take one more moment and think how valuable it will be to also capture new targeted prospects across platforms – social media, your website, blogs, events and in-store (if you have one). And, have each individual lead sent an automated campaign of emails that speak to their interests? Would that help to expand your business?
And what about an eCommerce page? Selling your products and services online – managing your online store, inventory, fulfillment and billing from a single system. Being able to offer upsells, discounts, payment plans and subscription plans. Would that be of value? You bet it would.


We can set it all up for you and help you to grow your business without the pain of learning the backend technology and managing the details. We use a trusted integrated system that performs across devices and includes;

  • Contact Management
  • List Segmentation
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Full eCommerce Management
  • A talented group of marketers to write your content

Contact us today marketing@3-StepMarketing.com or call 778-928-4888