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3 guaranteed steps to put power in your business and money in your pocket.

Never in the history of our planet have marketers had so many choices to get their message out and yet been so confused!

Confused (even paralyzed) by the overwhelming choices to get your message to market? Charlene will show participants the secret of cutting through the noise to capture the attention of quality prospects AND get in front of the competition – no matter what the budget. Plus, if there’s time, she’ll share 10 no-fail simple tactics that will turn your marketing from average to awesome!

What participants will take away from this powerful session:

  • The dirty little secret most businesses are keeping.
  • 3 most important marketing steps to generate quality leads and get results.
  • 10 super simple and inexpensive marketing tactics to begin implementing immediately.*
  • An easy and repeatable campaign planning system that can be used for overall marketing strategy or individual campaigns.

(This keynote can be customized *if time allows)

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If we monitize the millions of hours marketers and business owners spend lost in the black hole of social media we’d certainly be able to feed a third world nation to the end of this century – and beyond.

In The Black Hole of Social Media, Charlene Brisson takes the guesswork out of which social media platforms should be used by industry while providing invaluable tips on how to save time while building a responsive targeted list. She’ll share tips on how to find the IDEAL BUYING Customers and the #1 tool needed to get on top of the competition.

What participants will take away from this powerful session:

  • The one social media platform EVERY business should be on.
  • Which of the top 5 Social Media platforms are a waste of time.
  • How to generate quality leads from Social Media.
  • How to generate quality leads from Social Media.

(This keynote can be customized)

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Three Campaign Planning Steps Guaranteed to Top Your Competition.

Online marketing provides business owners with unprecidented opportunities to track ROI (Return on Investment). What it still can’t do however is follow the crumbs that lead prospects to finally click that buy now button. It’s most likely, that a series of interactions with your brand have gotten them there and provided the motivation to take the final step. That’s integrated marketing. Using a combination of online, offline and even mobile marketing tactics to reach your IDEAL customer and deliver a consistent message that gets your product or service into their hands.

In this keynote presentation, Charlene Brisson defines integrated marketing, what a successful integrated marketing campaign looks like and why it’s critical for businesses to use it as part of their strategy to increase business. She’ll use successful campaign examples to emphasize the learning.

(This keynote can be customized)

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