Marketing Campaign Plan Training  (online learning)

BASICS-Campaign Planning in 3 Steps

THE BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3 Steps.  (On-Demand)

Build a custom campaign plan in 3 x 90 minute online learning sessions.

Here’s the definitive roadmap to successful strategic campaign planning for SME marketers. In only 3×90 minute sessions, The BASICS Program will take you (and your team) through to building a custom integrated online and offline 2-Page Quick Plan for your overall marketing strategy or an individual campaign.

Using the foundations of marketing you’ll dig deep into pinpointing the hub of ALL marketing efforts and activities; write copy using words and phrases that will trigger the emotions which lead to purchasing your product; identify which tactics work for your IDEAL BUYING Customer and plot goals and objectives.

Use the 3-Steps that all successful businesses use to generate quality leads and higher conversion rates.       

These three steps are the components of a proven campaign planning model that will NEVER CHANGE no matter how much or how rapidly technology or the market changes. Once you complete these steps, your business will immediately improve – leads AND revenue will increase.

Step ONE: Identify your IDEAL BUYING Customer
Step TWO: Craft a Message that speaks to your IDEAL BUYING Customer
Step THREE: Plot a Strategic Plan using responsive tactics that reach your IDEAL BUYING Customer

It’s quick and effective.

Each webinar session is hands-on and part of creating a 3-Step Marketing Campaign Plan. With the planning sheets and 2-Page Quick Plan template, you can start implementing the proven system after the first session – it’s that quick and effective.

With The BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3-Steps Marketing Model™ program you will

  • create an effective customized strategic marketing campaign plan;
  • start immediately to change your mindset and business forever;
  • learn formulas that professional marketers use to get results;
  • customize proven marketing strategies for your business;
  • have a simple, repeatable system to use again and again;
  • simplify marketing for the whole team;
  • create a brief that everyone can follow and track measurables;
  • develop new found confidence for marketing success.
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Charlene Brisson-iPad-Excelerate

 THE EXCELerator Program (On-Demand)

Ultimate Marketing Training for SME Business Marketers.

Looking for practical marketing training for you or your team members that can be customized to YOUR business and learn on your own time? Training that uses proven techniques and strategies that successful marketers are using worldwide to get results?  You’ve found it.  The 3-Step Marketing EXCELerator Program has more than 60 video and audio learning sessions tailored to SME marketers.

It starts with the Marketing 101 Module that covers everything from marketing mindset, competitive advantage, customer service, budgeting, branding, effective copy and tagline writing, to tracking and measuring ROI. Then digs deeper into the 3-step Campaign Planning Model by splitting up Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) strategies.

60 learning sessions PLUS a “how-to guide” of tactics.

To keep you up-to-date, the EXCELerator Program  features 25+ online, offline and mobile tactics — a “how-to” resoruce guide — all in one place with tons of tips to help you use them effectively. Tactics such as blogging, social media (Google+ business pages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), publicity, texting, partnerships, list building, autoresponders, mobile marketing, radio, newspapers … the list goes on.

Modules are being added all the time. The latest addition is How to write an effective tagline for small and medium sized businesses.  Each segment uses the 3-Step Marketing Model™ as the foundation. Just like the BASIC program, the EXCELerator Program is delivered online.

Twice monthly Q & A with Charlene Brisson.

Got questions while doing the program? No problem – there’s a private forum just for members, plus, twice-a-month, you’ll have access to Charlene Brisson on a live webinar where you can ask questions about your business .

With The EXCELerator Program for SME Business marketers you will

  • have all the benefits of the BASICS Program, PLUS,
  • learn the ABC’s of integrated marketing from the bottom up;
  • focus on the B2C or B2B customer of your choice to build powerful strategic campaigns;
  • dig deep into campaign planning
  • upgrade your overall marketing skills on your own time;
  • learn new strategies and tactics
  • have access to a fully informed “how to” tactics library;
  • improve the skills of junior team members;

If you’re committed to optimizing results, upgrading your marketing knowledge and having many of the latest tactics at your fingertips, this program is for you.

  * Online Access: US$1497 for one year access (plus GST for Canadian residents)