3-Step Marketing Team Training Workshops & Retreats

3-Step Marketing Team Training workshops and retreats have been designed specifically to provide your marketing team with a roadmap to develop successful campaign plans using the primary principles of marketing that will NEVER change, no matter how quickly technology shifts.

Each interactive hands-on 3-Step Marketing workshop or retreat will

  • be customized to work with your product or service;
  • quickly take your marketing team through to building a solid integrated online/offline strategy that can be implemented immediately;
  • get your group motivated, focused and set-up to work as a TEAM with unified goals – positioned for RESULTS;
  • leave you with a repeatable system to use again and again for ALL future campaigns.

Each step is available as an individual session, or, to get sales and revenue increasing fast the 3-Step Marketing Training Intensive is your solution– 3 steps over 2 days.

When was the last time you set aside time to build a powerful marketing strategy as a “team?” Using this proven 3-Step Marketing Model™ for Campaign Planning, you’ll launch a marketing strategy like none-other that will also set the foundation for all future campaigns. Facilitated by Charlene Brisson, at the end of 2 days you and your team will have a ready-to-execute integrated campaign plan that will attract targeted buyers and deliver results.

The 3-Step Marketing Training Intensive is interactive, hands-on and FUN. You and your team will leave motivated and focused for success. The benefits will be measurable immediately.

Here’s what we’ll cover over two full days:

Step 1: Identify your IDEAL BUYING Customer.

  • Explore your existing customers to determine which are your most profitable;
  • dig deep into clarifying the geographics, demographics and online and offline psychographics of your IDEAL customer;
  • create a visual story to support day-to-day marketing activities.

Step 2: Craft a message that speaks to your IDEAL BUYING Customer.

  • Clearly identify what sets your product or service apart from your competition;
  • case study and explore components of successful USPs (unique selling position);
  • clarify your USP and Value Proposition;
  • create and/or fine tune your business tag line to attract buyers;

Step 3: Plot a strategic plan using responsive tactics that reach your IDEAL BUYING Customer.

  • Identify online, offline and mobile marketing tactics that will reach your BUYING customer;
  • develop integrated strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns;
  • identify available resources to execute your plan;
  • plot your sales funnel and position your product or service with an introductory offer;
  • get ready to action immediately.

Set aside 2 full days to get a massive jump-start to increase your sales and plot a solid path to maximize profits. PLUS, have a proven and simple system that you can use again and again on ALL future campaigns. Worksheets and Campaign Plan documents included.

(Training Intensive Bookings require at least 6 weeks notice)

Duration: 2 x 7.5 hours
Group Size: (minimum 6 participants)
Contact Charlene Brisson directly to register.

The Step ONE Customer Profiling Workshop for marketing teams.

The hub of ALL business success and the foundation of successful campaign planning is to know exactly who is your IDEAL BUYING customer to never, ever waver in strategic efforts to attract their attention, build relationship and to convert into loyal customers. Most organizations have at least two customer target markets. With this focused knowledge, your team is guaranteed to save time and money while watching results skyrocket. Find Your Buyers Now will put your team immediately on track to increased sales and revenue.

Duration: 1/2 day (4 hours)
Group Size: (minimum 6)
Contact Charlene Brisson directly to register.

The Step TWO Marketing Message Workshop for Marketing Teams.

What sets you apart from your competition? Why should someone do business with you rather than anyone else? By identifying your USP (Unique Selling Position) along with the features and benefits (FABS) that your IDEAL customers will respond to, you will be able to speak their language and cut through the media noise. The results – increased sales and revenue.

Duration: 1 day – 8 hours
Group Size: (maximum 12)
Contact Charlene Brisson directly to register.

The Step THREE Marketing Tactic Strategy Workshop for Marketing Teams.

Stop wasting time and money on tactics that don’t work. Now that you’ve identified who your target market is and clarified your USP and FABS, it`s time to figure out what tactics to use to get your IDEAL customer’s attention. Charlene Brisson, author of 148 Ways to Advertise & Promote Your Business will show you how to connect the dots to a marketing strategy that delivers results!

Duration: 1 day – 7.5 hours
Group Size: (maximum 12)
Contact Charlene Brisson directly to register.


Contact Charlene Brisson directly for more information or to book your team for any of these programs.