Video marketing retention and SEOThe stats on video marketing that will amaze and possibly terrify. Check these out.

  • One-third of all online activity consists of watching videos.
  • 6 BILLION hours of video is watched each month on YouTube. (300 hours is uploaded each minute.)
  • When viewers read text they retain 10%– when watched on video, the retention rate increases to 95%.
  • A webpage containing a video is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search.
  • In the next 5 years, more than 30% of online ad spend will be in online videos.

Videos capture attention and add energy to an otherwise less than engaging message. 

So the questions are. Do you have a video on your home page? Are you using videos to attract your IDEAL BUYING Customers?

Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive video creation resources to get your message out AND drive SEO.

Creating an engaging video is just so darn easy! You don’t even need to do any recording. 5 to 10 good photos, 4 or 5 brief key messages and $39 is all that’s required for The theme, music and super-cool mash up is all provided. You can make as many videos as you want over an entire month. If you don’t mind the logo, sign up for the free trial.

Perhaps tapping into the animation trend is more to your liking. Characters, line drawings, white board animations are really popular and generate VIEWS! Sure you can pay $1,800 – $10,000 a minute to have a skookum custom whiteboard animation produced by Or, pay only $39 – $250 a month and do-it-yourself with a platform like ($79 without the logo watermark).

Here’s the video I created for only $79 to promote my marketing campaign training program THE BASICS—Campaign Planning in 3-Steps. Sure, it took several hours to figure it out and create, but totally worth it to have a visual representation of our offering. And anyone can do it.

Drive SEO traffic with your video marketing. 

That’s why it’s called video marketing. It’s not just about creating a sales tool, it’s about getting search engine rankings that will drive traffic. Once the video is created, use it as a traffic generator. Here are some tips to get rankings:

  • First, make sure it’s up on YouTube with a keyword rich title and description.
  • Put your main keywords into the title. Be sure to put your webpage link right up front on the description. Add your top keywords in the tags.
  • Post the link on your social media platforms, embed it on your home page and/or landing page,
  • make certain you get it up on your Google+ accounts (Google owns Youtube and favor their own in rankings).
  • Write a keyword rich blog around each video. No need to write from scratch. You can transcribe the video, or bits of it, and use the text verbatim in the blog post.

All of these ideas will help get your creation and sales tool higher up in the rankings so your customers can find you.

Now … go get at er,

Charlene Brisson, MAPC
3-Step Marketing Pro
Helping marketers succeed one-step-at-a-time.

PS … this blog post is an exerpt from Charlene Brisson’s soon to be released book … 51 Marketing Solutions: to rock your campaigns from weak to winning. Check out the pre-order page here.

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