Charlene Brisson, MAPC - 3-Step MarketingCharlene Brisson, MAPC, is the real thing – a true marketing and communication expert with a contagious passion for marketing. She earned her marketing stripes with more than 25 years of global marketing and communication experience working in the trenches out of six countries. Charlene started her career in media (radio, newspaper and magazines) and has led marketing teams in several of Canada’s biggest media corporations as well as dozens of aggressive online and offline entrepreneur-driven companies while helping hundreds of small business start-ups and not-for-profits. Charlene loves sharing her knowledge and facilitating improvement for marketing teams.

Charlene Brisson is known as the 3-Step Marketing Pro. She has taken her 25 years of global marketing and communications experience and narrowed it down to 3 proven steps that she has incorporated into a campaign planning system template to help businesses succeed in generating quality leads and increasing sales and revenue. These 3 marketing steps are THE FOUNDATIONS of all successful marketing and have worked over and over again throughout her career. Best of all, the 3-Step Marketing Model™ for Campaign Planning is a marketing system that will never change no matter how quickly technology changes.
Being in the marketing trenches for more than 25 years developing, planning, leading, executing, coaching and training, has given Charlene the opportunity to create and manage more than one thousand integrated online, offline and mobile media marketing campaigns.

To back up her real world experience, Charlene is also a life-long learner. A graduate of Royal Roads University with a Masters in Professional Communication, she is a regular attendee of marketing conferences, courses and networking events.

Over her career Charlene Brisson has been behind the sales of millions of dollars in products and services from telecommunications, newspapers and magazine subscriptions, online loans, event attendance (bums in seats) and self-development programs, courses, webinars and teleseminars (including as the Director of Sales & Marketing for T. Harv Eker’s hugely successful North American programs at Peak Potentials and of course, her own 3-Step Marketing programs). She has also sold many hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships herself and raised millions of dollars in funds for not-for-profits.
To help marketers keep on top of the latest tactics to get their message to market Charlene Brisson is the author of 148 Ways to Advertise & Promote Your Business: The ultimate guide to online, offline and mobile marketing tactics. She is also the author of 16 Major Mistakes Marketers Make: and how to avoid them.

51 Marketing Solutions by Charlene BrissonWatch for Charlene’s latest book to be released soon called 51 Marketing Solutions: to rock your campaigns from weak to winning.

Charlene also has a couple of fun video series of tips and ideas called the 3-Step Marketing Minute and Marketing on the Go. Stay tuned for her new weekly webinar series launching soon called Marketing Tactic Tuesdays.


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