“Charlene is the real deal! Not only is she a creative marketing expert, she is a highly skilled copywriter whose copy translates into sales! I also recommend her books for entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone needing to advance their marketing know-how.”
Charmaine Hammond , Professional Speaker and Best Selling Author
“Knowledgeable. Enthusiastic. Skilled. Creative. Passionate. Excellent Value. Using her 3-Step Model, Charlene Brisson has shown us how to identify, speak to and focus our efforts on donors that deliver revenue. Her unique combined for profit marketing, fundraising and general not-for-profit experience gave directive to the team as we now look at our efforts through a business lens. Measurement and results are now our priority and we have the tools to succeed.”
Jane Adams , CEO & President, Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation
She set my Business up for International Success “Not only did Charlene Brisson’s marketing training set me and my business up for international success, but I can say with 100% confidence that had I not met and worked with Charlene Brisson, I would never have had the courage to start my business!”
Jane Webb , President, The Brag Company
“Charlene Brisson organized and marketed what is still Canada’s most successful radio promotion – a free Beach Boys concert for 13,000 people. She is one of the bright light marketers of our time.”
Vince Cownden , General Manager, 66 CFR Radio
“Charlene Brisson is simply brilliant! In twenty minutes she coached me through how to make triple the sales at a training event! Lady, you ROCK! Thank you!”
Teresa de Grosbois, Wildfire Workshops, International Speaker, 3X Bestselling author
“Charlene was amazing! She tailored the presentation to meet their industry needs, she had useful and practical information, and did a fantastic job of helping the attendees identify real-life solutions to their marketing challenges. Her tactics and steps are valuable and effective! She comes with my highest recommendation!”
Karen Bates, VA Home Loans Lender, Coach and Trainer
“Charlene is one of the brightest marketing minds in North America. I know this because I’ve seen her ‘in action’. She has extensive Internet marketing knowledge as well as savvy Social Marketing skills. She’s focused on activities that get results and deliver a substantial ‘return on investment’. And in marketing, that’s what counts!”
Stewart Welch, Managing Member & Founder of the Welch Group, LLC and Author