The beauty of the 3-Step Marketing Model™ for Campaign Planning is that this marketing system will never change no matter how much or how fast technology changes.

The 3-Step Marketing Model Training - Campaign Planning SystemAt Charlene Brisson Communications, we guide professional marketers to develop and fine-tune campaign plans that increase quality lead acquisition, conversions and sales revenue. We use the proprietary 3-Step Marketing Model™, a repeatable marketing system in everything we do, that will help you to:

Step ONE: Identify your IDEAL BUYING Customer;

Step TWO: Develop messaging that cuts through the noise and speaks directly to your IDEAL BUYING Customer and;

Step THREE: Plot a strategic plan using responsive tactics that get in front of your IDEAL BUYING Customer.

This marketing system for campaign planning brings marketers back to the basics, to the primary marketing principles that are so often pushed aside as we try to keep up with the latest technology and tactics that are pulling marketers (and businesses) in so many directions. The 3-Step Marketing Model™ may appear to be simple, yet, most marketers, even large brands, are leaving money on the table by not taking the time to set up these basic marketing foundations to capture maximum market share. Used worldwide, it’s a proven campaign planning system that will NEVER change no matter how much or how rapidly technology and the market changes.

How can your campaign planning benefit from the 3-Step Marketing Model™?

Use the 3-Step Marketing Model™ to create a brand new ad hoc strategic marketing campaign, fix a campaign that isn’t working or fine-tune your overall marketing strategy. When the 3-Step Marketing Model™ is applied, quality leads, conversions and sales will all improve. This Campagn Planning system is for marketers that are looking to:

  • have a straight-forward, repeatable template for all team members to follow;
  • maximize results from marketing efforts;
  • increase market share and get a leg up on the competition;
  • improve team productivity by motivating and removing silos;
  • inspire a productive and winning marketing mindset;
  • be introduced to new ideas, new technology and new tactics;
  • freshen-up, shake-up or improve the planning process experience;
  • get help to achieve and/or set company sales and marketing goals and/or individual KPIs (key performance indicators);
  • improve marketing ROI (return on investment) and CPA (cost per acquisition)

About 3-Step Marketing

Using the 3-Step Marketing Model™ as our core, we help companies plan strategic marketing campaigns by providing a template to get back to basics – using the fundamental principals of marketing – that improve results one-step-at-a-time. Our one-of-a-kind marketing system for campaign planning provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step repeatable roadmap that removes overwhelm and provides a proven method for team members. We are results oriented and focus on improving quality lead acquisition, conversions and sales revenue. We deliver our campaign planning and marketing training through on-demand programs, keynote speaking and face-to-face facilitated workshops and retreats. A catalogue of print and online video resources support our training. We infuse a success mindset of FUN and unity to all of our training, products, services and resources.
Anyone can learn marketing skills and follow a campaign planning template. That’s simple. Truly successful marketers have mastered the mindset for themselves and their teams. They work within a positive energy flow and follow the path that elevates their success and opens the doors to winning campaigns. All 3-Step Marketing Training programs are infused with ideas on how to develop a winning mindset necessary to be leaders in your industry space. Marketing is more than following a few simple steps. It’s also about setting yourself and your team up for success.

Let’s face it, as Dr. Wayne Dyer says … “it’s what you believe to be true, that got you into this predicament in the first place.” Team members, even leaders are often unknowingly sabotaging their own success. Having a mindset that is open to success harmonizes with the tools that will bring about ultimate results. This is an important part of our 3-Step Marketing Training. We start with establishing a positive attitude toward the goals ahead, then we incorporate the tools.

• Results Driven
• Dedicated
• Accountable
• Resourceful
• Always Willing
• Respectful
• Always ready with a mentoring Hand-Up

3-Step Marketing Solutions

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Campaign Development 90%
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